“As your representative in Carson City, I will continue working in order to make a difference in the lives of Nevada’s children, the lives of their families, and to have an even larger impact in the lives of the residents in our district. By working together, Nevada can continue to grow in the right direction and we can leave behind a safe and wonderful state for our children. I look forward to talking to you as I walk our community, and would appreciate you support.”


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"I had the distinguished honor to earn the Expert Field Medical Badge and the Air Assault School Badge during my time in serving my country in the United States Army. Serving our country in the U.S Army and in the court room is an honor, and I hope to earn your vote to serve you in the Nevada Assembly".

“The values I learned during my formative years in Las Vegas at the age of 17 led me to sign up and serve our country in the United States Army as a combat medic. The Army taught me how to lead with integrity and serve with compassion, and this helped me recognize my life’s calling for public service. I also learned the value of teamwork—a team of individuals can accomplish amazing things when they work towards a common goal.”